iSweep provides chimney sweeping and chimney maintenance services in the Salisbury area and throughout Wiltshire and North Dorset.

A happy hearth makes for a happy home: so believes Daniel O’Rourke, Salisbury-based chimney sweep.

Daniel, owner and operator of one of Wiltshire’s leading chimney cleaning and restoration companies, iSweep, is making a clean sweep of ensuring local fireplaces and flues are free from hazards, such as a build-up of soot and tar, smoke leakage, bird-nests, debris, deteriorating linings, corrosion, cracked brickwork and a myriad other risky situations.

There is nothing more comforting than the glow of a fire on a wintry evening, but burning any sort of fuel in your home – even a gas flame effect fire – can result in the emission of invisible, toxic carbon monoxide fumes, unless it can be drawn away and safely expelled through a clear and clean chimney or flue.

There is also the ever-present and very frightening risk of chimney fires, of which the UK experiences thousands of incidents every year. Chimney fires occur when soot or creosote (tar) deposits build up in an unswept chimney to the point where they catch light, emitting massive radiant heat with internal flue temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees Celsius. The result could be a devastating house fire if the flames and sparks escape through cracks in the chimney and ignite the roof timbers or other flammable materials in the house.

This is why Daniel recommends having your chimney professionally cleaned, checked and swept out at least once a year (more often if it is in regular use). Chimney sweeping should be part of regular home maintenance, for your safety’s sake, as well as to ensure your fireplace works well and you can continue to enjoy those cosy firelit evenings.

He stresses that the chimney can be equated to the “exhaust pipe” of the house, expelling smoke, gas, hot ash and sparks, and should not be neglected.

iSweep has been operating in and Salisbury since 2015, building a reputation for expert, tidy and reliable chimney cleaning services. All work is fully insured, and the company makes use of the most up to date brush, vacuum and rotary power sweeping equipment.

The firm undertakes chimney sweeping across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, with many satisfied customers as far apart as Ringwood, Shaftesbury, Amesbury, Verwood and Andover.

Besides the professional cleaning and servicing of chimneys and flues associated with open fires, iSweep attends to the outlets from all types of solid fuel-burning heating appliances, including Agas, Rayburns, biomass boilers and wood burning stoves. Gas fires need to be disconnected by a gas engineer before sweeping.

Daniel is happy to give advice on fire safety, and undertake a CCTV survey your chimney or flue, issuing a certificate of service after finishing the chimney cleaning.

Tradition has it that shaking the hand of a chimney sweep is good luck – and Daniel will gladly do this too! Contact iSweep as soon as possible for a free, no obligation quotation for chimney sweeping in Salisbury or surrounds. You’ll be surprised how little it costs to ensure the safety of your hearth and home.

We Power Sweep with Rodtech UK

Our services include:

  • Standard chimney sweeps with brush and vacuum
  • Smoke draw tests
  • Boiler cleans
  • CCTV safety inspection
  • Cowl Replacement/Fitting

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