How often should I have my chimney swept?

Many factors should be taken into consideration when this question arises since the answer will differ.

Some items to consider include the type of fuel used, the duration of use, the moisture content of wood (if used) and the type of appliance/chimney that you have and these details can be discussed when iSweep visit you.

However, the following cleaning schedules are offered for guideline purposes only:

Why do I need my chimney/flue swept?

Chimney sweeping can increase the efficiency of some appliances and a properly maintained chimney will allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses.

Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and any other blockage which may be present.

The power sweeping methods applied by iSweep can also remove creosote and tar which are dangerous inside a chimney and will cause chimney fires.
iSweep is fully equipped to complete a full CCTV inspection of your flue and with certificate.

What wood should I burn?

Any hardwood with a moisture content of less than 17% (preferably 10%) will burn with excellent efficiency in modern woodstoves.

What shouldn’t I burn?

Soft/green wood, wood with high moisture content, any treated wood i.e. roofing baton, pallets, skirting boards, garden fences, anything that has been painted, railway sleepers, old telephone poles or furniture.

Plastic, polystyrene or any wrapping as these will cause the chimney to block up at an unbelievably increased rate.

Will chimney sweeping make a mess?

iSweep is extremely careful to maintain a clean standard and in nearly all cases no mess is made. However, when a chimney has been neglected for some time or has a birds nest present, it can be a bit trickier to guarantee no mess will be made.

How should I prepare for a sweep’s visit?

An empty ash pan and grate is always helpful and please do not allow the flue to be hot prior to sweeping as this will damage our cleaning equipment.

How do I stop birds from nesting/entering the property through the chimney?

A correctly fitted bird guard cowling will prevent future problems with birds entering the home through your chimney and will relieve the risk of birds’ nests.

Why are there “stains” above the chimney?

These are most likely caused by smoke leaking from the appliance and back into the room. Please seek safety advice immediately.

Smoke is entering my neighbour’s property/other room of my property when a certain appliance is in use?

This could be because the mid feathers (bricks separating the flues within the stack) are missing or leaking or due to siphoning which is when smoke leaves one pot and enters another. iSweep can advise you further on this after the inspection.

Smoke is coming back down my chimney?

There could be a blockage present, a downdraught issue or a cold spot within the chimney which will not allow the hot air to pass. Again, iSweep can advise you further on this after the inspection.

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