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iSweep solely use Rodtech chimney sweeping equipment which is the only industry approved power sweeping system in existence. Rodtech has also won multiple awards and iSweep’s staff has completed the accompanying training course with Rodtech’s chimney cleaning equipment.

Why we use Rodtech Power Sweeping Equipment?

iSweep uses Rodtech equipment

The Rodtech power sweeping equipment has been developed by experienced sweeps and is an award winning, industry approved method of sweeping.

At iSweep, we use this equipment to ensure the best possible chimney clean for our customers.

When power sweeping, the brush head expands through centrifugal force to suite the flue (chimney) that we are sweeping and it also centres itself.

Due to the way the brush heads have been designed, it is actually the sides of the strands that sweep the flue (chimney) causing less damage than incorrectly choosing a traditional brush head to sweep a flue (chimney).

There is an added advantage that using the speed of the drill can stiffen and soften the sweeping action. So if you are cleaning an older style chimney, you would use a low speed (softer) however, if you are cleaning a heavily built up clay/steel flue, then you can increase the speed to give you unbelievable cleaning action.


iSweep is predominantly a chimney sweeping expert although some other small projects can be undertaken such as cowl fitting and basic chimney maintenance.

Installations should be carried out by a person who is HETAS registered.


iSweep is fully equipped to carry out the sweeping of any correctly installed appliance and even some tricky to sweep appliances that may have a 90 degree angle such as a T piece from the back of a wood burner or the narrow flues of AGAs or Rayburns.

We can also sweep Woodstoves and biomass boilers.

Gas fires are swept in the event that a gas safe engineer has visited the property and disconnected the appliance prior to iSweep carrying out work. This is also the case with oil based boilers requiring an overlook from OFTEC.

Cowl Replacement/Fitting

iSweep will undertake the fitting of cowls on most properties without the need for scaffolding but in the event that a stack is not accessible by ladder or is deemed to be to high or unsafe scaffolding will need to be erected.

Chimney Maintenance

Any works that alter the working order of any appliance should be carried out by a registered regulated installer.

Basic maintenance such as re-pointing/flaunching, chimney pot installation or cowl installations are undertaken by iSweep and if the works are more suitable to be carried out by a bricklayer or stonemason, iSweep can also complete the repair or maintenance.

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